HIFU Training
LONDON's BEST HIFU Training Course

Booking this ONE DAY course is the starting point for most of our students. Throughout the course you will look at the theory behind HIFU and will be given the opportunity to develop your practical skills using the most up to date techniques and equipment. You will receive the Certificate of Completion.

  • Basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Effective Client Consultation
  • Licensing
  • Waste Disposal
  • Equipment Required for HIFU Face/ Neck
  • Practical Demonstrations from our highly trained and experienced trainers.
  • Practical Training in: Hifu Face-lift, Jowls / Neck lift, Eye-bag reduction, Upper Eyelid tightening /Brow-tosis, Jawline definition, Forehead Tighten,
  • Cheek lift.
  • You will be practising the HIFU treatment on live models.
  • Trouble shooting
  • Pricing
  • Treatment Timing Guidelines.
  • Treatment Frequency
  • Aftercare
HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound and is used as a one off (well every 1-2 years) treatment to firm and lift face and neck skin. HIFU treatments stimulate natural collagen production and will provide noticeable effects through an ‘ultrasonic facelift’, without making any cuts to the skin.

HIFU treatments were first introduced in 2007, however it’s only since 2013 that this excellent treatment has been making waves and quickly growing in popularity as an effective non-invasive cosmetic treatment! The process was FDA approved in 2012 
Demand for HIFU training is now high across the UK and we expect the market to continue to grow even more over the next decade as more people realise you don’t have to go under the knife to get firmer, more taught skin.

Offering this treatment as part of your services will not only help you to generate higher profits, but will help promote your business as up-to-date and offering all of the latest, cutting-edge treatments that are out there.
No downtime, no scarring or bruising, and the results are natural looking.
1. The energy skips the epidermis layer leaving no damage or scarring to the top layer of the skin.
2. HIFU beauty therapy will produce a thermal effect to the dermal collagen fibres and stimulate the fat layer and SMAS.
3. The skin will be lifted and tightened at once and the effects will last 18 months up to 3 years with just one treatment.
4. There is no post-surgery downtime patients can resume their normal activities immediately. 
Delegates are required to bring a model with them for the practical session. 

15 Aug (Thu) - £795

Location: West London

Sold Out

15 December (Sun) - £795

Location: West London

Sold Out

18 January (Sat) - £795

Location: West London

Sold Out

9 February (Sun) - £795

Location: West London

Sold Out

22 March (Sun) - SPECIAL OFFER - £696

Location: West London

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Location: West London; Small groups - limited number of places!



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